About Me

MeHi, I’m David Padbury. I work at Lab49 in New York creating advanced applications for the finance industry. I spend most of my time developing complex HTML5 and JavaScript front-end systems but also often deal with Java, .NET and other Enterprise type stuff.

I do a lot of talking on HTML5, JavaScript and occasionally node.js at user groups and conferences. I’m currently focused on helping developers familiar with more traditional thick client technologies such as WPF, Silverlight, Flex or Swing understand how similar applications will be built in HTML5. If you’re looking for speakers around these topics please get in touch.

None of the views I publish here represent the views of my employer.


7 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. hi david, it’s me, gerardo, the guy with the microsoft fetish. hey, i wanted to ask you if you get to work on code that interests you at lab49, and/or how do you find the time to do it!? your presentations are always very good and interesting. not only that, but you are very calm when you are coding in front of the audience. sorry that i had to leave a little early. it was because i noticed i dropped my eval form. i know it’s a lot of work and you do a great job, dude. take care and see you next time


    1. Hi Gerardo. Thank you very much, I’m really glad you enjoyed my talk. I’m really passionate about delivering great applications and that’s something I get to do every day at Lab49. In my spare time I like researching emerging technologies which are going to help build or at least influence the next generation of applications. As for live coding, it’s just practice – I’d run through each of those demos at least a dozen times.

  3. Hi,

    I wanted to use your jquery ui slider. I am new here. I have put 2 range min sliders in a single page.

    I want to change the 2nd sliders value automatically when the 1st slider is dragged. So the 2nd slider will move same as 1st slider.

  4. Hi David,
    I tried your way of getting node js iamge from the server. The problem is that
    my convert.on(‘data’) always returns false even though i gave a valid svg
    in convert.stdin.write(svg).
    Please help me. I am stuck.
    You can also contact me at [email protected]

      1. Yes i intsalled ImageMagik command line tool as well. but am getting an empty png file generated.

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