Yesterday me and my good friend Jamie won the Hack Day with our application – We coded the entire application from scratch in just 7 hours while enjoying a free bar. Given that we were possibly drinking heavily the application is a little rough around the edges but we’ll hopefully get something out there which is usable soon. So what does it do? We’ll explain in detail later but for the time being lets just say don’t you hate it when that person in your office insists on playing Mariah Carey repeatedly on the office stereo? Me too. Preview


7 thoughts on “ Preview

  1. There’s bloody nothing wrong with a little Mariah – you know what this means David …….. it’s gonna be a Mariah fest at the office for 2009!

  2. Hey Ian, Thanks for your interest! Me and Jamie have been quite busy but have been slowly working towards a public release. I’ll blog about it when we’re ready.

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